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Funky Buddha More Moro Blood Orange IPA Release April 29th

Funky Buddha let us in on their next bottle release, here are the details.

Our next bottle release is coming this month! More Moro Blood Orange IPA will be released in 22oz bottles on April 29 at 6pm!

This delectable IPA is an infusion of real blood oranges (moro) for an intensely citrus-y flavor and aroma! Bottles will cost $12 and be limited to 1 per person.

After 9pm, any additional bottles remaining will be opened back up for sale.

More Moro Blood Orange IPA  is an American varietal of blood orange that has deep, crimson red flesh and a mellow citrus flavor. Our More Moro IPA piles on the “moro” for an overload of ripe, fresh blood orange flavor. Deeply citrusy and fruity, with a hop-forward nose, sticky malt body, and long grapefruit hop finish.

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