4 Hands Brewing Contact High

4 Hands Brewing Contact High Can Release Details

St. Louis, Mo. April 03, 2014 – 4 Hands Brewing Company, a craft brewery located in St. Louis Missouri, is excited to announce the launch of Contact High in 12 ounce cans.  Contact High is a 6-month seasonal running April through September. This hop-forward wheat ale is brewed with fresh orange peel and weighs in at 5% ALC/VOL.

4 Hands Brewing Company is excited to offer Contact High in a 12 ounce 6 pack retailing at $9.99. While 4 Hands’ other core offerings are typically packaged in bottles with a 12 ounce 4 pack retailing at $8.99, canning offers significant cost savings and those savings will be passed on to the consumer.

Throughout the year be on the lookout for Resurrection IPA, an all Mosaic hopped India Pale Ale, and Alter Ego, a black IPA, packaged in 12 ounce cans as well.

Contact High will be available at the 4 Hands Brewery today at 3pm and will hit distribution starting tomorrow.

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