Firestone Walker Barrelworks Feral One

Firestone Barrelworks Bottles First Sour Feral One

Firestone Beer Barrelworks, Feral One, their first-ever bottling of a sour beer.

 Feral One celebrates our 1st anniversary at Barrelworks.  Feral One is a blend of Sour Opal, SLOambic, Agrestic & Lil’ Mikkel.

Extremely limited release at FW locations only, more details coming soon!

About Barrelwoks:

Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s wild & feral beer project comes to love as Barrelworks celebrates the quirky side of beer.
The origins of Barrelworks began eight years ago with a few renegade barrels stashed into the voids between pallets of packaged beer in Firestone Walker’s cold storage warehouse. Officially, the program didn’t exist, but it grew quickly and became unruly, and today it numbers upwards of 1,500 barrels.

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