Half Acre Tired Hands American Youth Geodesic

Half Acre Tired Hands American Youth And Geodesic Collabs

Half Acre Beer and Tired Hands Brewing have finally teamed up to create 2 new beers, American Youth Pale Ale and Geodesic Saison.

These are two of our favorite breweries and I can’t wait to try these!

If you follow them on social media you should have seen pictures of this already so here are some of the release details from Half Acre’s camp.

If you try hard enough you can trace Half Acre to the East Coast.
We travel back often and keep tabs on what’s happening amongst the often misunderstood eastern wild.
If you’ve had your ear to the ground, you’ve heard the rumble of Tired Hands Brewing Co.
If you’ve been to their pub, you know they’re a tight band of makers putting out authentic brews.
Recently we teamed up, broke bread and brewed beer. In fact, to dig a little deeper into the collective approach we made two beers.

The first being American Youth, a stacked brew that has Daisy Cutter evenly spliced with Hop Hands, Tired Hands’ reigning pale ale.
American Youth has an impressive laundry list of raw materials angling for dominance inside a placid 5.5% ABV.
The next, Geodesic Saison, a beer that has Tired Hand’s yeast blend hoisting pilsner malt, spelt and Hallertau Blanc on its shoulders. 7% ABV and gently dry hopped, Geodesic curves into unique and welcomed territory.

Drink these primitive and primal beers.


  • Release Date: 5/23 at noon
  • 64oz Growler Refill: $16
  • 32oz Howler Refill: $9
  • 16oz Draft: $5


  • Release Date: TBA
  • 64oz Growler Refill: $16
  • 32oz Howler Refill: $9
  • 16oz Draft: $5

Chicago artist Kill Hatsumomo screen printed a very limited amount of each collaborative label. They will be for sale in the shop for $5 each starting Friday, May 23rd.

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