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Alchemist Beelzebub Focal Banger Popup Truck Sale May 24th

The Alchemist will be having another popup truck sale for Beelzebub and Focal Banger this Saturday, May 24th at 3:00pm.

Here are the details via the Alchemist:

Believe it or not, it is that time again. Our next ‘pop up’ truck sale will be Saturday, May 24 at Pilgrim Park and Railroad Street in Waterbury (the old Station Lumber site; next to the train station).

We are going to start this next sale at 3pm. We have been experimenting with different start times, and this may just be the best yet. That Saturday, we will be releasing a keg of each of the beers to our local accounts. With a 3 pm start time, it will be a lot easier for visitors to hit the local establishments to grab a bite and try a lot of really great beer.

Hill Farmstead is celebrating their anniversary that same day with special beer selections in town, so the draft lists are not to be missed. Also, be sure to visit the Waitsfield Farmer’s Market for some delicious bottles of Lawson’s Finest— this sale begins at 9am.

Our plan is to begin the sale at 3pm; we should be done by 4:30pm. We moved 370 people through the line in 90 minutes during our last sale. For our past pop-up sales, we have had 2 cashiers working; we will double that this time around with 4 cashiers so that we get through the line as quick as possible. This will give beer tourists enough flexibility to time their visit for lunch or for dinner.

Our previous three sales have gone very well. The weather is finally turning to our favor, which will make any waiting much more bearable. We have been successful with having most people park right across the tracks from the train station. This leaves us with a clear parking lot in which to get started on setting up the sale. When we are ready to begin the sale, we will once again lead you over to the start of the line. We will bring everyone over to the sale lot a little sooner in an attempt to limit our encroachment on Coffee Roasters space. Thank you for being so respectful to your fellow beer enthusiasts; we have received wonderful feedback from everyone at the previous sales. Let’s keep up the good vibes.

So, here is the lowdown on our upcoming sale:

BeelzebubWith the recent success of Beelzebub at the World Beer Cup, we decided to brew it again. This batch has turned out even better than the last, in my opinion. This American Imperial Stout is a very balanced, flavor forward beer. A bright presence of hops keeps the intense stout character very drinkable for such a big beer.

The latest batch of Focal Banger is getting ever closer to its final recipe. This time, we used Focal BangerPearl malt as the base. The hop character is just where I want it, and I have brought up the final gravity just a touch to add a bit more chewiness. Very nice, I think you’ll like it.

We will be selling Beelzebub and Focal Banger mixed cases. Limit is 1 case per person. This case will include 3 four packs of each beer. The cost will be $75/case, tax and deposit included. Four-packs will also be available for $13. Limit 3 four-packs per person of each style. Please keep in mind, as with previous sales, this will be a CASH ONLY sales event.

We will have more beer to sell than at any of our previous sales. We anticipate having at least 500 mixed cases. We will also be sending 100 extra cases of Heady Topper to Craft Beer Cellar on Elm Street across from the Prohibition Pig.

Everyone will be allowed to purchase a full case until we run out. Once you pass through the line with your initial purchase, you are welcome to get back in at the end of the line. We have tried to be very good about going down the line, counting customers, in order to keep the guessing to a minimum.

Once again, DJ Rekkon will be providing music to make your wait in line more enjoyable. We will also be giving away free hot dogs to hold you over while you wait.

So, there it is. Hopefully, I have addressed all of the pertinent information to make this sale even smoother than the previous three.

Beelzebub Focal Banger

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