Toppling Goliath Brewing Assassin

Toppling Goliath 2014 Assassin Release Details

Soon, our barrels of Assassin (our barrel aged imperial stout) will be ready to be blended and bottled.  We had been planning on having a brewery only release at our taproom brewery, but have decided against it.  As those of you know that have visited us, our taproom is quite small and has very limited parking.  Although we have offered all we can, we have been unable to secure any additional parking for this years event.  That fact, coupled with the number of our loyal fans that make the trek, have left us with the tough decisions of deciding against a release.  Not wanting to let you down is the main reason we are doing this.  We have decided that when the time comes and the beer is in bottles, most of it will be released to distribution.  This will undoubtedly disappoint some local people, so we are going to offer all mug club members the chance to purchase one bottle each, at cost.  The details of this will be emailed to all members after we bottle it.  Also, to pay back all the loyal locals who come in on a daily basis, I will from time to time just bring a case over with out announcement and it will be for sale at cost while supplies last. Who knows, maybe even a keg or two will show up too!

This years Assassin could be one of our best.  The barrels Mike was able to acquire are yielding very exciting flavors and a smoothness in the body that helps carry these flavors to your senses when sipping the treasure.

As far as Kentucky Brunch Gold Label and Mornin’ Delight, we have not decided what to do.  Although we want to see all of you in person for a release, we may have grown too large for our current location.   Mike is guessing we may yield 200 -400 bottles of Kentucky Brunch Gold.

Our long term goal is to have releases at our new brewery, which is better suited for parking, music, bottle share, etc.  Hopefully we will be ready for that in 2015.

Thanks again for supporting us and our endeavors to please you with our creations.  Making great beer and providing you with the best possible experience when you visit is our driving force!    -Clark, Barb and Mike