Prairie Artisan Ales Wine Barrel Noir

Prairie Artisan Ales Wine Barrel Noir Coming Early May

Prairie Artisan Ales will be releasing Wine Barrel Noir sometime in early May.

Wine Barrel Noir is an imperial oatmeal stout aged in freshly dumped red wine barrels. Coffee and chocolate notes in the beer are complimented by tart berry flavors and oak we derive from the wine barrels.

Here is what Jessi had to say about the release:

Who is ready for some Wine Barrel Noir?

Wine Barrel Noir is our imperial oatmeal stout aged in red wine barrels. In fact, it’s agingright at this very moment. It has coffee & chocolate notes from the stout that are complimented by tart berry flavors and oak picked up from the wine barrels. It’s some seriously good stuff, and it’s rated a 97 on ratebeer. One fan described Wine Barrel Noir as “an Imperial Stout and a jammy Pinot Nior got together and made the perfect baby.” Yum.  And thanks JimmyW for the great review.

Wine Barrel Noir is perfect alone as a dessert beer, or try it out with some red meat. It tastes best when consumed while wearing our goat skull tee. Ok, you can wear whatever you want. But the tee is pretty cool.

We are looking at a May 9ish release date in Oklahoma & Texas, so you have 17 more days before you can taste the goodness. Wine Barrel Noir is also headed to Arkansas.