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Societe Brewing Bourbon Barrel Butcher Release Details

San Diego, California – April 1, 2014 Societe Brewing Company will release a Bourbon-Barrel version of their Imperial Stout, The Butcher, available on Cask with added oak chips. Societe teamed up with a local, Kearny Mesa pub and cask-conditioned a firkin of The Butcher for a special offering. The beer will be available on cask starting today, April 1, and it will only be available for a limited time for San Diego beer enthusiasts to enjoy.

“Here at Societe, Travis and I have been adamant about not filling casks or doing any sort of bourbon barrel aging, especially for The Butcher, our Imperial Stout,” said Douglas Constantiner, co-founder and Brewery Curator at Societe Brewing Company.  “Last year we broke down one of those barriers by releasing a cask of each one of our beers. This year marks another landmark for Societe. Today, at the same bar as last year, we will debut the first ever bourbon-barrel The Butcher on cask with added oak chips. This beer has been a long time in the making, and we wanted to wait for the right day to debut it.”

Travis Smith, the Head of Fermentation and Execution at Societe Brewing Company, said “This is a very special beer for us. A nice glass of bourbon-barrel The Butcher on cask is the perfect accompaniment to a rainy Spring day in San Diego. We hope you all enjoy it and happy April 1, 2014!”

The Butcher is an Imperial Stout, brewed with a large percentage of flaked oats and specialty malts. The cask version of this beer has a thick, dense, dark chocolate-colored head that delivers aromas of roast. The flavors are heavily toasty and biscuity, lingering on the tongue, and the bourbon-barrel characteristics are clearly prominent on the palate. Bitterness from both the hops and roasted barley provide for a perceived dryness that makes the beer easy to enjoy.

Societe Brewing Company is a production microbrewery, opened by two professional brewers in 2012 in San Diego, California. Societe Brewing Company focuses on hoppy Out West ales, Belgian-inspired Old World ales, and dark and flavorful Stygian ales. The brewery also features a 3,000 square foot barrel room, and there are intentions to release a line-up of barrel-aged sour beers in the future. Societe’s beers are currently available in the Tasting Room at the brewery and locally at bars and restaurants throughout San Diego County.

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