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Cisco Brewers Cisco Cider Annual Release Details

Nantucket, Mass. – March 31, 2014 – Cisco Brewers will be releasing Cisco Cider later this week.  This cider is produced once a year, and is only available to consumers on tap in Massachusetts.  This year’s cider includes Ashmead’s Kerna, Macintosh, Redfields, Empire, Fuji, and Reine de Pomme apples, all grown in Massachusetts at Apex Orchards in Shelburne Falls.  The whole apples were brought to Nantucket and processed at Cisco’s sister business, Nantucket Vineyard.  This clear, bright, dry, sparkling cider has clean finish with a noticeable but not overbearing tannic bite to provide body.  6% ABV, gluten free.

Distributed by Craft Brewers Guild, L. Knife & Sons, and Seaboard Products

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