Wicked Weed Brewing Indulgence

Wicked Weed Indulgence 100% Brett Strong Release Details

Wicked Weed Brewing will be releasing bottles of Indulgence 100% Brett Strong across the state  March 29th, 2014.

The first Royal Cache beer we are introducing is Indulgence Brett Strong Ale, a 100% Brett Strong with a 250 pounds of local muscadines aged for 6 months in wine barrels. At 9.6%, this beer is an homage to the sweet, yet bold native grapes, backed by soft tannins and oak and sharpened to a crisp finish with house tartness.

As promised, this spring season will be packed full barrel aged beer bottle releases. It is time for us to release our next line of beers, The Royal Cache: Barrel Reserve Series. We have dutifully blended beers in our barrel house until we believed they were perfect, at which time they went straight into bottles. These are rare, experimental, and one-off ales that give us the chance to flex our creative muscles. These beers aren’t in our regular brewing schedule, and may never be produced again, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to get your hands on them.

Unlike our flagship beers which come onto the market in our brewpub in Asheville with much fanfare, these beers will go out for release across the state as well as in Asheville. Each beer will be available in Asheville at our brewpub (open at normal hours) starting at 12pm. Multiple bottle shops from Raleigh to Winston will also have beers for sale on the same day.

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