Deschutes Brewery Planete Rogue

Deschutes Planete Rogue Sour Blend

Planete Rouge is the next release in our Pub Reserve Series with bottles available only at our pubs & tasting room beginning today! This sour, 10.2% ABV brew is a blend of 3 base beers created at the pubs:

1. Sour ‘Lil Red
2. The Dissident
3. Flanders Red

Being aged in Oregon oak barrels for 22 months with wild yeast & bacterial strains creates flavors that are out of this WORLD! Pucker up…

More from social media:

$22 they are hand waxed to cellar & are a blend of 3 sours made exclusively at the pubs. holy amazing-ness! Hope you get to try it

This is only a pub beer so no other places are getting it. If you have a friend in Bend or PDX, ask them to grab you one… Cheers

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