Firestone Walker Barrelworks Lil Opal

Firestone Walkers Barrelworks Lil Opal Release April 19th

Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks will be releasing their second bottled beer Lil Opal Saturday, April 19th, 2014.

It looks like this will be another brewery only release.

Lil’ Opal will be available, like Feral One, in 375ml bottles and weighs in at 5.9% ABV.

We do not have word yet on pricing, but will continue to update this thread as details unfold.

Lil’ Opal is a cunning blend of two-year-old American oak and eight-month-old French oak saisons. Both go through a secondary fermentation and maturation in barrels.  This traditional Belgian farmhouse saison has notes of citrus and tropical fruit, a smooth mouthfeel, and tangy crisp finish. Round this all out with a little earthy funk and we have one refreshingly complex offering.

We warned you that you were in for a year of surprises! Introducing Lil Opal, our 2nd bottled beer from Barrelworks, coming April 19th!
What’s that, you say? You want another bottled beer? Ok fine. Our next offering: Lil Opal! Coming April 19th.

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