Hunahpus Day 2014

Cigar City Founder Joseph Redner “That was the last Hunahpu Day”

Cigar City Brewing founder Joseph Redner has decided that after all the mishaps, 2014 Hunahpu’s Day will be the last.  Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout will start hitting distribution next year.

Danny from The Full Pint broke this story.

Here is what Mr Redner had to say:

I have always tried with these releases to balance fairness with the reality that some people will always try to get around your best efforts at fairness because they personally deserve more. This year they got WAY around my pitiful efforts.

I am acknowledging defeat. That was the last Hunahpu Day. The beer will go into distribution next year and hopefully spread out among many accounts it will get to consumers more fairly.

To those that got shut out this year we will be working on another batch.

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