Hunahpus Day 2014

Cigar City Issues Statements For Hunahpus Day Problems

Cigar City Brewing has issued different statements over the past day about the problems they faced at the 2014 Hunahpu’s Day.  If you were there or followed this through some social media feed it was a lot of people in one small space.

Although I will say, all those I talked to regardless of the long lines and cramped areas, made the best of Hunahpu’s Day and said they had a great time.

Statements Issued By Cigar City Brewing:

March 9th, 2014

  • If you purchased a ticket to Hunahpu’s Day directly through, you will automatically be refunded your money. We will begin these refunds starting tomorrow.
  • If you paid for your ticket with cash or credit card in person, please email and we will directly communicate with you to determine the best way to get your money back.

March 8th, 2014

  • As we figure out how to make up for the nightmare that happened today, we’d line to start with this mea culpa: all draft beer in the tasting room tomorrow will be FREE. We will not charge a dime for any beers served in the tasting room tomorrow. We are going to try and tap all of the remaining kegs leftover from today, too.  However we will still be hyper vigilant about over serving people who are intoxicated.
  • If you have your silver Hunahpu’s Day wristband, please save it, we will find a way to compensate you for this day.
  • So, today did not go as expected. We realize that there were a lot of issues with duplicate tickets, way too long waits in lines, and all of that. We can promise 100% that we are going to make it right, whether it be refund, or whether we brew a batch of beer that we will bottle and make completely free to all attendees that had issues today. We’re completely sorry for all issues that happened today. It really sucked. We completely understand how much it sucked and hate how much it sucked. We don’t want it to suck ever again. We will do what we can to make it right.
Hunahpus Day 2014 Before

Hunahpus Day 2014 Before

Hunahpus Day 2014 In Full Swing

Hunahpus Day 2014 In Full Swing

Cheers to CCB for trying to make as much good as they can come out of an unfortunate situation.

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