Stone Brewing Go To Session IPA (Video)

There’s a plethora of modern day scenarios and a need for more modest ABV brews, so we spent much of 2013 working on several recipes for our very own session IPA, and now, that fruity, piney, altogether hoppy newcomer, Stone Go To IPA, will be available to fulfill your big flavor sans overwhelming ABV needs all year long. In presenting the world with a session IPA, it was of the utmost importance to us that fans benefit from the superior drinkability of a 4.5% ABV beer as well as a vibrant hop bomb character that they (AND US) adore. As such, Stone Go To IPA brings all the resinous, citrusy oomph hopheads rightfully crave, thanks to the use of a cutting edge brewing technique called “hop bursting,” wherein a, frankly, unreasonable amount of hops are added at the end of the boil and whirlpool stages so that the finished beer takes on a mellow bitterness and massive hop aromas. Watch Brewmaster Mitch Steele expound on this process and its virtues, and help us usher in our latest year-round staple, Stone Go To IPA.

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