Firestone Triple Threat Feral One, Opal & Parabola Release March 8th

Firestone Walker keeps adding beers to this weekends release of Feral One.

Parabola was the second beer added and now we have found out that Opal will also be released.

The Feral One release just keeps getting better and better for those who were already planning on being there.

Those who were on the fence about it, now should be definitely going!

Feral One release details can be found here.

Feral One Barrel Aged Cuvee
A blend of four different Barrelworks beers aged between 18-32 months in French and American oak barrels.

Parabola Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
One of our most aggressive and sought-after offerings. Bold bourbon, tobacco and espresso aromas and a hint of American oak greet the nose. Rich, chewy roasted malts, charred oak and bourbon-like vanilla fill the palate and create a seamless finish. A remarkably complex brew that offers a transcendental drinking experience – enjoy with good company.


Opal Dry Hopped Saison
Our interpretation of the rustic Wallonian Saison style is a harmonious blend of rustic grains, spicy yeast and unique sauvignon blanc tones. Inviting lemon grass and gooseberry meet peppery spice and fresh grain aromas. Spicy Belgian yeast create a complex yet dry and refreshing canvas with splashes of citrus and stone fruit with a bright tropical white wine finish. Hop bitterness is assertive yet harmonious rounding out slightly tart and refreshing.


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