Feral Brewing Watermelon Warhead

Feral Brewing Watermelon Warhead Sour Weisse

I know 99% of our readers are in the United States, but this beer sounded too good not to write something about it.

Feral Brewing Co out of Perth, Western Australia has a Berliner Weisse called Watermelon Warhead that is now available at their brewpub in Swan Valley.

Watermelon Warhead is a light sour German wheat beer brewed with an addition of half a ton of local Swan Valley watermelons. The beer spends 12 weeks in Chardonnay barrels before being blended to the desired taste and sourness. A fresh, spritzy and refreshing beer.

Watermelon warhead weighs in at a super light 2.9%,  8 IBU,  OG 1030.

DrinkingCraft.com would gladly accept a keg of this beer and share it with our friends in Southern California.  Even better, a collaboration with Night Shift Brewing sounds like a match made in heaven.


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