Eureka! Opens New Location In Huntington Beach

March 3rd, 2014 – If you are into Craft+Eats  and live on the West side of the United States you might have heard of Eureka!  They have craft beer and food centric restaurants from Seattle, WA down to sunny San Diego, CA.

A little quick background…Eureka! was started in Redlands, CA in July 2009, in 2010 expanded to a 2nd location in Fresno, CA and then a 3rd right after that in Claremont, CA.  Today as I’m writing this, they have 12 restaurants with more on the way.

I first heard about Eureka! through the craft beer grape vine.  Checked them out online via social media, Good craft beer?  Check.  Awesome looking menu? Check.  

The first Eureka! location I hit was in Claremont due to the close proximity to my in-laws living in La Verne.  Awesome tap list, confirmed.  Great food, confirmed.  While I was there the last time the manager and I were shooting the shit and I asked if they were going to be opening any locations in Orange County?  He told me about the plans for a Huntington Beach location and I couldn’t have been any happier.

Fast forward to Monday, March 3rd, 2014 and Eureka! Huntington Beach opens their doors to the general public.  Being from Huntington Beach myself, I had to go by and check it out!

As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by a gang of happy employees.  Said Hi!, and headed straight for the bar.  After all I’m really here for the beer!

Craft beer nerds like myself will be very excited about the tap list.  They had 20 of the 40 taps dedicated to rotating drafts.  The list included beers from CA local breweries like Smog City, The Dudes, The Bruery, Stone, Pizza Port, Modern Times, Mission, TAPS, Mother Earth and Firestone just to name a few.

I was greeted by Anese, pronounced uh-nees-uh, who kindly pointed me at the 20 rotating draft beer chalk board of #beerporn.  Took a quick scan and ordered up a Smog City Groundwork Coffee Porter.

Smog City nailed it with this coffee bomb!  Huge coffee smell and roasted coffee flavors balanced out nicely by some bitterness and a crisp medium bodied mouthfeel.

When I first arrived early evening the place was quiet with a few people inside and at the bar, an hour later and there was a full bar and a hopping dining room.  While I didn’t have time to eat the menu is similar to that of other Eureka’s and the food coming out looked and smelled great!  From past experiences at the Claremont location everything I’ve had so far has always been good.  One favorite of mine is the Tortilla Burger, give it a go!

I grabbed my beer and took a little stroll around.  By the entrance you can check out their bottle fridge and in the back they have a large patio with a 25 foot or so firepit with a couch to lounge in.  That will be great for some summer nights!

Out of beer, I decided to change it up and went with a familiar brew from Pizza Port, the Ponto SIPA!  Always a solid beer and I’m loving the new cans of it they are putting now.  You can check out a shot I did on our Instagram page here ;)

This was a quick trip for me to check out the grand opening day at Eureka HB.  I was expecting it to be a shit show, being the first day open to the public, but as far as I could see from my seat at the bar everything was going down just fine.

Overall, everyone was super friendly and the place looked great.  40 great craft beers on tap, a little slice of heaven.  Just what I’d expect from a Eureka! location.  Big thank you to Anese for the outstanding hospitality and I’ll be back later this week for some grub!

Check out the slide show for some photos, disclaimer:  I didn’t have my camera gear so they are with my phone.

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