Alchemist Crusher Beelzbub

Alchemist Pop-Up Sale Crusher, Beelzebub And Heady Topper

Our 2nd Truck Sale is this Saturday, March 8.  The sale will be at the same location as last time- Railroad Street in Waterbury village (next to the train station).

The sale will begin at 11am.  As last time, we will begin forming a line at 9am.  We need to keep the lot clear prior to this time so that we are able to set up appropriately.

The first sale seemed to go very smoothly considering all of the unknowns.  One of the only criticisms we noticed in the post-sale chat rooms was the issue of customers showing up with extra friends for no reason other than obtaining more beer for themselves.  Please don’t be greedy.  This strategy is both thoughtless and completely out of our control at the same time.  Do the right thing.

Now, the important stuff…  We will be releasing two old favorites from the pub-The Crusher and Beelzebub.  We have approximately 15 barrels of each.  In an effort to get these beers in as many hands (and mouths) as possible, we will be selling mixed cases with a one case limit per person.  So, each customer will be able to purchase one case that has 3 four-packs of Crusher and 3 four-packs of Beelzebub.  The price for the mixed case will be $80 inclusive of sales tax(75.50 + 4.50 VT tax).  We will have at least 250 full cases to sell.

If you only want to purchase one style of beer, the limit is 3 four-packs per person.  The price is an even split- $40 inclusive of tax for 3 four-packs.  If you only want to purchase one four-pack or one can of either style, the price will be $15 inclusive or $3.75 for a single can.

We will also be bringing 100 cases of Heady Topper to sell.  The case price on Heady will be $75 inclusive of tax or $12.50 per 4-pack.  There will be a one case limit in place.  When it is gone it is gone….      Locals- if you have regular access to Heady, please be respectful of our visitors who are unable to purchase HT on a regular basis.

So, what is the maximum amount of beer someone will be able to purchase?  2 cases- one mixed with Crusher and Beelzebub and one case of Heady Topper.  The total price for the 2 cases will be $155.

This is a cash only sale.

We will have coffee available, some fun giveaways and tunes by DJ Rekkon.

We will also be selling some great merchandise at our cost– hoodies, caps and knit hats will be available.  ALL proceeds will go to the Waterbury Food Shelf.  So, not only do you get a deep discount on cool merchandise, but all of your money will be go towards putting food on the tables of our friends and neighbors in Waterbury.  Let’s see how much we can raise!

We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

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