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Alchemist Focal Banger & Petit Mutant Can Release Details

The Alchemist will be releasing cans of Focal Banger and Petit Mutant Saturday, February 15th, 2014.

The two new cans will be released from 11am til 3pm or whenever they run out!  The Alchemist is also getting sending kegs to The Reservoir, Arvad’s, Prohibition Pig, Blackback and Blue Stone.

The release will take place at Pilgrim Park and Railroad Street in Waterbury (the old station lumber site; next to the train station)

Focal Banger–  an American IPA , hopped judiciously with  Citra and Mosaic,  7% abv

  • $12.50/4-pack- inclusive of state tax ($11.80 + 6% tax)
  • $75/case- inclusive of state tax  ($70.75 + 6% tax)

Petit Mutant– an American Brett ale fermented entirely with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis; this rustic ale contains almost a pound of Montmorency cherries in each 16 ounce can.

  • $6/ sixteen ounce can inclusive of tax  ($5.65 + 6% tax)
  • $24/4-pack inclusive of tax
  • $144/case inclusive of tax

Important Details

  • 1 case limit per person per trip to the front of the line.  You can get back in line at the end and then buy another case.

It is time to announce our first can release outside of the brewery! As we mentioned in our last blog, we are releasing a couple of beers in cans during a one day sale. First and foremost, we want to make this as smooth as possible for everyone. We will begin selling beer at 11 am. We will be canning 15 barrels of both Focal Banger and Petit Mutant, but an exact yield will not be known until next Thursday. When we can it next week, we will release a more accurate number. The location we have selected has a sufficient amount of parking, and room for lines to form. There is a single port-o-let on site. It will most likely be cold, and this is an outdoor sale, so please dress accordingly. Once the sale begins, we will do our very best to move things along as quickly as possible. If all goes well in this spot, we hope to have more of these pop-up sales in the very near future.

We will also be raising $ for the Vermont Foodbank. We have printed 200 Petit Mutant posters designed by our in-house artist, Jess Graham.  A suggested donation of $5 will go to the Foodbank for each poster-  The Alchemist will match all money raised.  If 200 people each donate $5 for a poster, together we will raise $2,000 for the Foodbank.


Today we canned up our specialty beer for the release on Saturday. As promised, here is an update on our yields. We cut back on our kegging of Focal Banger and canned a little extra.

Focal Banger- 220 cases

Petit Mutant- 160 cases (or 1,020

Please do not show up and start forming a line before 9am. There will be snow to plow in the morning and we will need the lot clear. We plan on setting up at 9am and will have a line que designated by 9. We will be ready to sell beer at 11 am.

Please- dress for the cold. It will most likely be snowy. Exact change will be a huge help in keeping the line moving quickly.

We will have coffee vouchers for the Green Mountain Coffee café in the railroad station (just next door). GMCR generously donated 100 of these to help you stay warm. We will start handing these out at 9 as well.

We will NOT be selling Heady Topper. However, Craft Beer Cellar (right between Pro Pig and Arvad’s) is getting a special delivery and will have 100 cases to sell on Saturday. They open up at 11am.
If you are looking for Heady Topper to purchase on Friday, Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier will be getting a large delivery.

Remember: Cash only. We will not have credit card machines, but we will have a vicious guard dog!

Finally, we have received lots of questions about the artwork for Focal Banger. The labels on the cans being released Saturday are temporary. Dan Blakeslee (our Heady Topper artist) is working on new artwork for Focal Banger. Once we are canning Focal on a regular basis, we will have finalized artwork.

The weather is setting up for a great weekend. Please remember to park smartly. We will be there to direct traffic and people. Take your happy pills first thing in the morning. See you Saturday !

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