Night Shift Brewing Valentino & Valentina Release Details

It has now been 2 years since we brewed our first batch of beer at Night Shift Brewing. Many brews later, and we suddenly have a lot of filled barrels in this brewery! After sampling through every barrel here, we decided upon our two favorites, and bottled them up.

We present to you Night Shift’s 2nd anniversary pair: Valentino and Valentina.

One red, one golden, these two wild ales have each aged in their own brandy barrel for many, many months, developing an incredible array of complex flavors.

This Wednesday, starting at 6pm, we’ll be releasing bottles of both beers from the Night Shift taproom.

A few guidelines:

  • We have 200 bottles of each beer, price $20/bottle
  • Limit is 1 bottle of each beer per person
  • The release will begin at 6:00pmexactly
  • We cannot hold beers for anyone, no exceptions
  • Just to be clear: this is not a brewery party. We’ll have numbered tickets at the door to ensure there’s some order to the process. Show up, we’ll be here, we’ll have beer!

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