3 Floyds Dark Matter Coffee

3 Floyds & Dark Matter Coffee Partner Dark Matter Dark Lord

3 Floyds is now exclusively using Dark Matter Coffee at both the brewpub and brewing facilities.

3 Floyds was previously partnered with Intelligentsia Coffee, which can be found in Goose Islands Bourbon County Stout series.

Dark Matter Coffee is telling us that 2014 Dark Lord and all other production beers coming from 3 Floyds will be featuring their coffee.  Dark Matter Dark Lord sounds like a perfect name.

Dark Matter is definitely not new to the craft beer scene.  Most notably, Dark Matter Coffee was used in the past/present release of Half Acre’s Big Hugs and Revolution Brewing’s Bean Gene.  Both were beers were outstanding.

Last year Dark Matter’s craft coffee could be found in the following top notch beers:


  • Local Option – Morning Wood
  • Goose Island – Hex Nut Brown w/Knob Creek aged beens run through a randall for Beer Hoptacular (uber limited for event only.)
  • Bean Gene – Revolution Brewing
  • Big Hugs – Half Acre
  • Shrub Tundra – Half Acre
  • Off Color Brewing – Fall Saison (uber limited run for our De Los Muertos fundraiser)

This year they are locked into the following, with many more prospects on the horizon:


  • Three Floyds – All production coffee beer
  • Big Hugs – Half Acre

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