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Jester King To Partner With Flood Distribution

We’re very pleased to announce that Jester King will now be sold in Texas through Flood Distribution, a new distributor focused entirely on artisan beer, cider, and spirits. The owners of Flood have a genuine passion for artisan beer and have been working hard to put together a portfolio of products made with the same level of thought and consideration that goes into our own beer.

We’re excited to have our beer featured alongside some of the small, independent breweries that inspired us to begin making beer in the first place. We’ve made no effort to hide our philosophical kinship with a handful of brewers around the world who share common principles with us — namely beer making that involves time, patience, unique fermentation, and full attenuation. We could not be happier to be united with these breweries with whom we share this philosophical bond.

Flood began distributing its first beers from Shelton Brothers Importers earlier this week, and anticipates bringing in several more of the artisan importer’s highly sought after brands over the upcoming months. We look forward to featuring beer from these breweries at our tasting room. For the time being given our very limited production, we don’t have a lot of our own beer for Flood to distribute. This means the availability of our beer throughout Texas will be sporadic. Retailers who carry our beer, however, will soon have access to some of the breweries that helped inspire us and continue to guide our vision.

Flood is based in Austin, with a second warehouse in planning in the Houston area. Their coverage includes Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. They will also be servicing customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on a limited basis.

You can follow Flood Distribution on Facebook and Twitter. For more information or for trade inquires, please email Kyle White at kyle@flooddistribution.com or call 512-763-7631.

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