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Crooked Stave Announces Ferus Fluxus Collaboration Series

Crooked Stave announces Ferus Fluxus “Wild Flow” collaboration series.  The first collaboration of the series will be with Upslope Brewing Company out of Boulder, CO.

Ferus Fluxus, meaning “Wild Flow”, is the start of a collaboration series for us here at Crooked Stave. This series will allow us to work alongside fellow brewers to showcase the contrast that occurs from fermenting with Brettanomyces. The concept for this series came about after many late night discussions while drinking beers fermented with Saccharomyces, and the curiosity behind what these beers would taste like with Brett. There are so many fantastic beers being brewed all over the country, and the Ferus Fluxus series gives us a good excuse (and opportunity) to collaborate with our friends at other breweries, as well as continue to introduce craft beer drinkers to Brettanomyces.

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