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Drakes Brewing Starts Filling Outside Growlers

Drakes Brewing has received the proper approvals to start filling other breweries growlers.

Good news, people. We’ve finally gotten all our ABC approvals in, so we are now able and willing to fill non-Drake’s growlers at the Barrel House.

What you need to know:

  • Clean it before you bring it. We’ll rinse it, of course, but it’s up to you to keep it clean, and we’re not going to fill a dirty growler, because we’re not heathens.
  • We can’t fill just anything. For now, we will fill 2-liter swingtop growlers, 64-oz screw-top growlers (bring the cap), and 64-oz Hydro Flask/Drink Tank/Portland Growler Co beer growlers. (That should cover 95% of growlers out there.) We will not fill 1 gallon containers, 3 liter growlers (sorry, Bastards), plastic containers (including any form of “beer box”), kegs, milk jugs, apple juice bottles, buckets, flasks, snowglobes, truck beds, or hats.  So, you know… common sense.  We are hoping to get approval for 32-oz/1-liter growlers eventually as well.
  • Any marking from other breweries must be obscured. We can do this with opaque plastic wrap, but if you’d like something prettier, make sure that the non-Drake’s logos are covered with something that is, to quote the state regulation, “not easily removed.” So there does have to be something affixed to the glass (no growler koozies or oversized Crown Royal bags).
  • And as always, you can always purchase your very own Drake’s growler for ten bucks.  Fills for 64-oz/2-liter growlers are $10-$19, depending on the beer.

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