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Drakes Brewing Hopocalypse Feb 1st Details

The Hopocalypse arrives on February 1, 2014.  We brewed it, we’ll sell it, but beyond that, it’s up to you to follow us to safety, taking shelter from the hop assault that our double IPA Hopocalypse, our triple IPA Hopocalypse Black Label, and our post-Black Label small beer Post-Hopocalypse will visit upon the East Bay that fateful day.
Full details will be coming out sooner than later (keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and blog), but we can tell you that we’ll be open at 10am, we’ll be selling bombers (1 case per person of Hopocalypse, 2 bombers per person Hopocalypse Black Label) & growler fills (2 per person of Hopocalypse DIPA), and we’ll have a small supply of Hopocalypse DIPA Brew-Rhino kegs available (1 per person). 
On tap, we’ll have Hopocalypse, Hopocalypse Black Label, and Post-Hopocalypse as well as specialty firkins of Hopocalypse with Grapefruit and Oaked Black Label, as well as a bunch of other great Drake’s beer (don’t worry malt-heads, we’ll take care of you, too).
Also that day, we will have food trucks, music, and a good chunk of our brewers on hand to help make the day all you ever dreamed it could be. 
Oh, one last thing about the release party… no, we will not have Pliny the Younger.
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