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Jester King Commercial Suicide Bottles Available Next Week

Our latest batch of Commercial Suicide, fermented with a blend of brewers’ yeasts, Brettanomyces yeasts, naturally occurring wild yeasts native to our land in the Texas Hill Country, and souring bacteria, will be available starting this evening at the Jester King Brewery tasting room, both to drink on site and in bottles to go.

This batch, which was brewed in early October, features a slightly adjusted grain bill, and utilizes French oak spirals, rather than American oak. After having sampled several test batches, we felt that these changes worked very well in conjunction with the multi-strain fermentation to produce a more complex, well-rounded beer. Following a full two months fermentation and maturation in stainless steel, the beer was naturally conditioning for an additional month in bottles, kegs and casks. Though still quite malty, the current batch of Commercial Suicide ferments even drier than before, with a finishing gravity of 1.000. The presence of souring bacteria in combination with relatively mild hopping, also results in a moderate tartness that provides a nice counterbalance to the perceived sweetness of the malt.

The same blend of dozens of different stains of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, native wild yeasts, and souring bacteria that was used in the latest batch of Commercial Suicide was also used in the current batches of Noble King (#11 & #12), Le Petit Prince (#11), Mad Meg (#10), and Wytchmaker (#9), as well as our newest releases, Ambrée and La Vie en Rose, and will serve as Jester King’s house blend for all future primary fermentaion.

A cask of Commercial Suicide, dry-hopped with East Kent Goldings hops will be tapped this afternoon at 5pm, and available throughout the weekend, along with 750ml bottles. Bottles will also be available in select venues throughout Texas starting next week. The label text has been updated to reflect the changes in the current batch.

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Jester King Commercial Suicide Bottles Available Next Week

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