Smog City Brewing 21st Amendment California Love

Smog City Brewing & 21st Amendment California Love Coming In Feb

Smog City Brewing and 21st Amendment have teamed up to create California Love.

This hop forward imperial red ale was brewed at Smog City Brewing (Los Angeles) by Jonathan Porter and David (Zambo) Zsamborski, brewer for 21st Amendment pub and brewery in San Francisco.

The collaboration is intended to highlight the coming together of Nor Cal and So Cal brewing and culinary traditions.  California Love has classic west coast double IPA hopping with a focus on more citrusy hop varieties and weighs in at 9.2% ABV.

3 lbs of fresh orange zest were used as a unique “So Cal flavor” contribution, while Pinot Noir must was added as a “Nor Cal flavor” contribution.  The beer will be heavily dry hopped and oaked to accentuate the citrus and wine character.

California Love will be released at Smog City Brewing and at 21st Amendment Brewery while also featured in several events in San Francisco for SF beer week.

Full tasting notes will be available when the beer is finished.

image via Smog City Brewing

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