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Epic Brewing’s The Annex Brew House Is Complete & Brewing

The Annex by Epic Brewing is pleased to announce that the installation of its brand new J.V. Northwest brew house is complete and brewing has commenced.

The seven barrel, 217 gallon, system is situated in the basement of the restaurant with an open section near the entrance, where patrons can view the brewers at work.  The two kettle system was specifically designed to fit the available space and provide the flexibility needed to brew the creative small batch beers Epic Brewing is known for.

“The Annex brew house provides a unique opportunity to experiment with very small batches and explore the variety within a beer style,” says Brewmaster Kevin Crompton.

Some of the initial beers produced at The Annex will be house-only draft beers.

“I’m excited to have some beer available on tap but a little disappointed at the same time that Utah lawmakers have not made any significant changes in Utah’s liquor laws. When will they allow what the rest of the nation simply calls draft beer to actually be poured in Utah? Come on, we built a brewery and tap room in Denver while Utah lawmakers are still fixated on issues like “intent to dine,” rants Epic Co-Founder David Cole. “Given the constraints, we hope our diverse and creative beer culture will shine through at The Annex and everyone will enjoy the frequent one of kind brews.”

The initial draft lineup will include an American Golden Ale that will showcase individual hops, including newly developed varieties such as lemon drop. A classic Oatmeal Stout that will be dispensed on nitro and an aggressively hopped Belgian Saison.

The Annex will continue to develop its house beers with additional seasonal selections and unique one off brews intended to highlight special fare created by Chef Robert Angelilli.

“There are a lot of opportunities for collaboration with the kitchen and the brew house. Beer is very versatile and has an exceptional range in variety,” says Robert Angelilli. “I’m excited to work with Crompton and come up with some very unique offerings for our patrons.”

Beer will be available on draft for the New Year.

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