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Idle Hands 2014 Enlightened Hands Society Details

Announcing the “2014 Enlightened Hands Society” 

We are happy to announce the availability of the 2014 Enlightened Hands Society. Membership in the Society is reserved for the most ardent supporters of both Enlightenment Ales and Idle Hands Craft Ales. By joining for the year, you will not only receive some excellent beers at an excellent price, you will also be helping to ensurecontinued improvements for one of your favorite breweries!

While we do not subscribe to the belief that access to good beer should be exclusive, we ARE fans of rewarding our loyal customers. The Enlightened Hands Society is designed to do exactly that. As a member, you will receive two (2) bottles each of twelve (12) beers that we produce throughout the year.  These beers will generally come out every month and will vary between seasonal releases like D’aison and Rite of Spring to barrel-aged/sour specialties like Bourbon-Barrel Triplication and Charlton Rouge.

BUT WAIT…there’s more!  In December 2014 (date tbd), we will host a private party for all members of the Enlightened Hands Society. At this party, you will receive a bonus of two (2) bottles of Enlightenment Brut so you can celebrate New Year’s in proper fashion.

That makes a total of 26 bottles (2 x 13 different beers) with a retail value close to $300.

Membership is available on an annual basis for $250.  That’s a 15% savings over our regular retail price. If you know you’re inclined to buy all of our beers, this is a great deal.  Plus, you get to come to a kick ass party at the end of the year to boot!

Purchase memberships at the brewery or online.  Please go to our 2014 Enlightened Hands Society page of our website to purchase a membership/gift and get answers to FAQs you may have.  If you can’t find the answer in the FAQ, feel free to shoot us an email at with your question(s).

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