Hoppin Frog Hop Dam

Hoppin Frog Hop Dam Triple IPA Release Dec 13th

We are releasing Hop Dam Triple IPA this Friday and Saturday at Hoppin’ Frog Brewery!! This is our hoppiest beer we have ever made, now available as a winter seasonal for the Christmas gift-giving season. And at 10.0% alcohol by volume, this is MY kind of winter warmer!! Hop Dam will be available on-tap and to-go in our Tasting Room when we open this Friday at 5 pm, and Saturday at 12 Noon. Stop in for great food specials from our kitchen and Hop Dam pairings from our bar!!

Brewing Hop Dam Triple IPA required us to build a large stainless steel hop dam for our kettle, just for this beer! It was worth all the effort, because this beer is extremely hoppy and very satisfying, using 50% more hops than our Mean Manalishi Double IPA!! Hop Dam has a bitterness level that is very high, but refined, and therefore quite refreshing. Along with all the standard hop additions during the boil, it is also mash-hopped, first-kettle-hopped, and dry-hopped!!! Hop Dam is a 100% American-style IPA, dominated by the top-rated, assertive and refined Amarillo hops, along with lots of great aroma and flavor from the popular Columbus and Centennial hops. These are some of my favorite hops, and they work great together, making Hop Dam TRIPLE IPA our new standard for hoppy beers!!

Hop Dam will be available for only a few months, so get yours while it lasts! It is still priced at $13.99 per 22-ounce bottle, as it has been since its initial release in 2010. Case discounts do apply, so stop-by this weekend and stock-up on this, and over 2 dozen other great Hoppin’ Frog bottled beers!!

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