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Jackie O’s 8th Anniversary Details & Tap List

The dates are Friday, December 13th through Saturday, December 14th. This release will operate the same as ones in the past, Tickets will be available at 5pm on Friday, December 13th. You will be able to get them on the brewpub side of our uptown location. Just look for a small line awaiting doors to open on the Brewpub side, tickets will be handed to you as we open. The bottle sale will begin at 11am on Saturday, December 14th. Our doors will open at 9am for breakfast and beer. When the bottle sale starts I will begin calling you by date (our ticket system is a tear-away, page-a-day calendar.) For example, the first person to grab a date/page on Friday, December 13th will receive January 1st, that is the first date I will call on Saturday, December 14th at 11am. Here is a list of bottles that will be available, along with prices, allocations will be decided upon before the sale begins.

  • Berliner Weisse, 22oz $14
  • Funky South Paw, 22oz $16
  • Barrel Aged Providence, 22oz $18 (this is our house saison that went through a secondary fermentation with lacto and brett in a charboney barrel)
  • Rum Barrel Oil Of Aphrodite, 22oz $20
  • Naja, 22oz $14 (this is an imperial stout brewed with cardamon, cinnamon, star anise, cayenne, and palm sugar)

Botons (32oz growlers) are in! These will be available for purchase/fill at the extravaganza. We will only be filling large mouth growlers at the event. Small mouth “fliptops” will not be filled. Due to the size of our tap faucets, the filling of these containers creates ample beer trauma, lots of beer waste, and takes a long time to fill. A large portion of the tap list will be available for fills. We will post the menu when it is ready so you can get an idea of what is available for growler fills.

The Tap Room at 25 Campbell St (production brewery) will be open from 2 till 10 both Friday 13th and Saturday 14th.

We will have these beers on draft and available for growler fills.

  • Oil of Aphrodite
  • Dirty Water DIPA
  • Java the Stout
  • Mystic Mama
  • Hop Ryot
  • Chomolungma
  • Razz Wheat
  • Firefly

Here is the mega list for uptown public house/ brewpub 38 of the 42 listed go on tap Friday, the other 4 go on Saturday…

  • Paw Paw Hefeweizen
  • Deck The Hills on Juniper Wood (hoppy holiday ale spiced with ginger and orange zest)
  • Ja Bitte (kolsh)
  • Shade Abbey (belgian blond)
  • O.P.A. (pale ale)
  • Dark By 7:00 (american stout)
  • Razz Wheat
  • Meigs County Black – NITRO (black IPA)
  • Propa Pale Ale – NITRO (english pale)
  • Deck The Hills (hoppy holiday ale spiced with ginger and orange zest)
  • Imperial Razz Wheat
  • C.S.A.ison (verbena and yarrow spiced saison)
  • Brick Kiln Reserve
  • Skipping Stone (quad)
  • Mandala Simcoe
  • Farewell My Friends (5 year sour apple ale)
  • White Wine Barrel Opulence (super saison)
  • Chunga’s Old Bruin 2013 (barrel aged sour brown with cherries)
  • Bourbon Barrel Oil – Coffee
  • Barrel-aged Opulence on Peaches (super saison)
  • Batch 1000 1/2 Mild Ale
  • Really Nelson I.P.A.
  • Meigs County Black (black IPA)
  • Firefly
  • Java The Stout
  • Mystic Mama
  • Chomolungma
  • Drawn & Portered NITRO
  • Batch 1000 Barleywine
  • Barrel-aged Providence (house saison)
  • Berlinner Weisse
  • Liquid Courage (Fatheads /JO’s) (wet hopped barley wine)
  • Naja – Spiced Imp. Stout
  • Racoon Dubbel
  • Hocking Tripel
  • An Ale of to Cities (seventh son/ JO’s) (double IPA Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado)
  • Mandala Columbus
  • Funky Southpaw
  • Wood Burner (smoked imperial Stout)
  • Dark Apparition
  • Rum Barrel Oil of Aphrodite
  • Bourbon Barrel D.A. – Coffee

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