Tired Hands Sante Adairius Collab

Tired Hands & Sante Adairius I See A Darkness Collaboration

Tired Hands & Sante Adairius I See A Darkness Collaboration

I See A Darkness is currently on tap at the Tired Hands Brewery and will be on tap at Sante Adairius soon.  There will be brewing two batches of this beer. The first one, is currently on tap only. The second will see a very limited run of bottles with Wills wonderful illustrations.

Here are some works from the Tired Hands Blog:

“I first met Tim and Adair of Sante Adairius (SARA) at our dear friend Shaun Hill’s house, in Vermont many moons ago. Shaun was hosting his annual Festival of Farmhouse Ales, and up until that point I had only had the pleasure of tasting a few of SARA’s beers. Over the course of the weekend, we brewed, laughed, and relaxed (I have photographic evidence of it, Tim!). We also uncovered a deep-running mutual respect for the music of Will Oldham. I think you can see where this whole thing is going…

Tim and I conceptualized I See a Darkness (the beer, not the hauntingly lovely song…) over the next few months. It was to be a very Robust Porter brewed with local honey (ours with Pennsylvania honey and theirs with California honey) and then conditioned on locally roasted coffee. We were shooting for 8.5% abv.”

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