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City Beer Store Selling the Wanderer to the Public

We announced recently that the Bruery would be releasing the 2nd batch of the Wanderer to Reserve Society members only.

The Bruery’s collaboration partner, City Beer Store will also have bottles for sale to the general public!

The Wanderer, Batch Two
Bottle Release
Saturday, December 14

Bottle sales of The Wanderer, batch two will begin on Saturday, December 14. This is a City Beer Store and Bruery Reserve Society exclusive. Limit one case per person-subject to change.

The Wanderer was first brewed for our five year anniversary in 2011, and we are honored that The Bruery chose to brew a second batch of this rewarding ale. A blended Dark Sour Ale with the addition of blackberries and cherries, this beer took home a silver medal at The Great American Beer Festival.

Our story with The Bruery began at the legendary Boonville Beer Festival- held yearly at Anderson Valley Brewing Company. Craig “wandered” into The Bruery camp, and was awed by the complex beers he tasted. A friendship was established, and we were excited when the first bottles of The Bruery products became available. City Beer Store was the first establishment in the Bay Area to carry their remarkable ales on the shelf. When we created the concept of The City Beer Store Fifth Anniversary Project, an immediate call went to The Bruery in hopes that they would produce a beer for it. The Wanderer is one of the finest sours we’ve had the pleasure of pouring for friends and patrons alike over the years.

In addition to bottle sales of The Wanderer, batch two we will be pouring a fine sour lineup from The Bruery including: The Wanderer (original), Confession, Melange #1, Windowsill, and Oude Tart with Cherries. Tyler King from The Bruery will be barside to discuss the art behind creating uniquely blended beers.

We look forward to sipping and sharing holiday tales along with you all!

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