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Idle Hands and Enlightenment Merger

We’ve Enlightened Our Hands!

We’ll keep this brief as we know you may still be recovering from your turkey (or other types) of hangovers from the weekend.  The Idle Hands crew has exciting news to share.  Hot off the presses, we just released the news announcement below…

Here’s the Scoop:  Idle Hands Craft Ales LLC is excited to announce a business partnership with Lowell, Massachusetts based Enlightenment Ales Inc.  The result of this collaboration will result in both the Idle Hands and Enlightenment brands continuing under the business license of Idle Hands Craft Ales, owned by Chris and Grace Tkach.  Ben Howe, owner of Enlightenment, will join the Idle Hands team as Head Brewer and the company’s first full-time employee, joining two other part-time Idle Hands staffers.

The combination of these breweries under one business will benefit from Howe’s creativity and the Tkach’s business acumen.  The distinct brands of Idle Hands and Enlightenment will complement one another with the former focusing on traditionalist Belgian and German style ales and the latter on its bière de champagne flagship and farmhouse artistry.  While some economies of scale may be experienced from the combination of these breweries, the ultimate goal is for both Howe and Tkach to be able to focus on the work they each enjoy most, while continuing to grow two local brands with distinct followings.

Why this Partnership Makes Sense:  Enlightenment’s collaboration with Idle Hands comes at a time when the craft brewing industry is flourishing.  Likewise, both brands have seen tremendous growth since their origins, so the partnership will marry two thriving businesses.

“As much as I love the freedom of being my own boss, I’ve found that the whole running-a-business thing gets in the way of what I really love: brewing beer and being creative,” shares Ben Howe.  Howe, a former Assistant Brewer from Cambridge Brewing Company, is a creative force, but admits that the reality of the business requirements behind running Enlightenment was more of a drain on his creativity than he realized.  “By working together, Chris and I can both continue producing our own unique brands while playing to our strengths and focusing on what we find most enjoyable about the brewing industry.”

In contrast, Chris, an award-winning homebrewer before switching careers to his dream job, and his wife, Grace, both earned MBAs, so entrepreneurship is in their blood.  “I always envisioned starting this brewery with the goal to build it to the point where I could hire a head brewer and turn my focus more on running and continuing to grow the business,” admits Chris Tkach.

What Does this Collaboration Mean to You?  Effective immediately, both Idle Hands and Enlightenment branded beers will be brewed, bottled and distributed out of the Idle Hands facility in Everett.  Fans of both breweries can look forward to continued enjoyment of each brand’s product at the brewery, as well as at bars, restaurants and retailers within the Boston 95/128 corridor.

Fans of both beers should be able to find them at our Everett brewery after January 1, 2014 but if you’re lucky, you may catch some Enlightenment in Everett sooner!

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