Russian River Brewing Cure 2013

Russian River Brewing raises over $100,000 for Sutton Medical Center

Every year for the month of October Russian River Brewing has a “All hopped up for the Cure” campaign to raise money for charity.  Last year Russian River Brewing raised over $40,000 for Sutton Medical Center of Santa Rosa.

This year they raised $100,037.04!!

Way to go Vinnie, Natalie and TEAM!


Russian River’s Blog post for “All Hopped Up For The Cure 2013”

So here we are and it’s already October, my favorite month of the year.  Aside from it being beautiful in Sonoma County, we host our annual month-long fundraiser for the Sutter Women’s Health Care Center of Santa Rosa, which brings me great joy!  All of the money we raise/donate goes directly to help uninsured or underinsured women AND men in our community receive life saving screening and treatment for Breast Cancer. Recently we have become acquainted with several recipients of our fundraising efforts.  Some of their lives have been changed or even saved by the services offered by Sutter. That said, I’m super excited to announce that a dozen of these amazing women are coming to our big kick off party on October 1st and will be our very special VIP guests! The festivities kick off around 7ish with my favorite ladies from Wild Card Belly Dance performing 2 sets at 8pm and 9pm. Check out our special Breast Cancer Awareness Month page on our website during October for more info on raffle items, how to get this year’s cute shirt and other interesting things!  Last but not least, we are releasing “Framboise For A Cure 2013” on October 1st at the pub on draft and in bottles to go.  Vinnie makes this very special beer solely for our fundraising efforts so we could make even more money to help people in their battle with Breast Cancer. Last year the Framboise alone netted nearly $40,000!

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