The Alchemist starts filling growlers

Today we started filling growlers at The Alchemist. We have 15 barrels of Donovan’s Red to pour- a favorite mainstay amongst our local clientele at the old pub. It is a 6 percent ABV ale- medium bodied and malty with a sufficient presence of hops.

This has been an exciting day for us. John and the entire brew staff are psyched to brew and release some of our old favorites from the pub. We will randomly release different selections over the course of the coming year- roughly one a month. These beers will lean heavily toward hop-forward styles. We will not announce the beer or a release date until the day of release. These beers will be available on premise only in the form of a growler fill.

Please do not call us to check availability of the specialty releases. We are very much on top of keeping current updates posted to our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as our website. You most likely have a miniature computer in your pocket, please use it to view the information we provide.

Efforts to Keep Crowds to a Minimum

With this excitement comes trepidation. We know everyone, especially our locals, are excited to drink some old favorites from the pub days. We have worked hard not to ‘hype’ our first release in an effort to keep crowds to a minimum. With only 15 barrels of Donovan’s Red, we will be able to fill about 900 growlers. We have an automated growler fill system that will allow us to purge and fill each growler in about one minute. So, if we fill growlers constantly during an 8 hour business day without any breaks, we anticipate filling growlers for 2 full days. We should have availability through Thursday of this week.

We will also be enforcing the following policies:

  1. There is a ONE growler limit per person, per visit. With this limit, there is no reason to jump in your car and drive 3 hours to visit us for the sole purpose of filling a trunk with growlers to trade or re-sell. It is our hope that most people will purchase growlers to enjoy. A bit idealistic, but we want as many people as possible to be able to bring a growler home- especially our local community members.
  2. We will fill our growlers only. Our German made automated growler system is calibrated for our stainless steel, flip top growlers.

Highest Quality Growler Pour

We have invested a lot of time and money to figure out the best way to fill growlers. We want the same level of quality that you get from one of our cans.

Our Gruber system purges each growler with co2 and we make an effort to cap on foam. The beer will stay fresh for several days as long as it isn’t opened.

We do not want sunlight hitting our beer during travel. We have had stainless steel growlers made for us. When you fill one of these growlers, you will essentially be leaving with a personal size keg.


Stainless Steel Growler- $15 (this is OUR cost extended to the consumer) Growler Fill (64ounces)- $12

Please clean growlers after each use. We WILL NOT clean/fill any dirty growlers!

We hope this is a program we can run successfully. We have plans in place to expedite lines and growler filling as fast as possible. We are going to see how this release flows and are willing to switch up strategy next time if needed.

Thanks. Enjoy. And remember…Don’t be a d-bag.

via The Alchemist website

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