Crooked Stave 2014 Cellar Reserve details

The 2014 Cellar Reserve will run similar to the 2013 Cellar Reserve with a few exceptions that include a price increase to $350 (+tax). Below is an outline of what will be included next year:

Cellar Reserve 2014

  •  2014 Membership Card
  •  (2) Cellar Reserve exclusive stemware glasses
  •  (1) Long-sleeve Cellar Reserve Member’s shirt*
  •  (1) Cellar Reserve Member’s Tin Tacker*
  •  Access to purchase specialty bottle releases at 15% discount (subject to allocation limits)
  •  First right of refusal for 2015 Cellar Reserve membership
  •  15% discount on all taproom purchases @ The Source
  •  Future planned Cellar Reserve member events (additional charges apply)

*There will be an option to purchase additional shirts and tin tackers in the near future

The 2014 membership will also include (10) different Barrel-Aged sour beers(each bottle release includes (2) 375 ml bottles per release, with additional purchases available if the yield permits) to be released throughout the year. Cellar Reserve beers bottled for 2014 will ONLY be sold through this program and will not be available in our taproom or at retail (except for the odd keg/case or two for special events). Below is a list of the anticipated beers for 2014. Please understand that some releases are still “To Be Determined” as making sour beer is an art and our creativity is ever changing, just like the seasons and seasonally available fruit and spices.

  •  (2x, 375ml) Raspberry Origins*
  •  (2x, 375ml) Cherry Bretta*
  •  (2x, 375ml) Dark Origins – Fruit Sour*
  •  (2x, 375ml) Petite Sour – Blueberry*
  •  (2x, 375ml) Passion Fruit L’Brett d’Or*
  •  (2x, 375ml) Dry-Hopped L’Brett d’Or*
  •  (2x, 375ml) Apricot L’Brett d’Or*
  •  (2x, 375ml) Nightmare on Brett – Port/Sherry Barrel*
  •  (2x, 375ml) TBD Specialty*
  •  (2x, 375ml) TBD Specialty*

*Denotes beer is a Cellar Reserve exclusive

As well as receiving the above listed beers and merchandise, additional beers will be made available to Cellar Reserve Members throughout the year.

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