The Bruery – Selling RARE barrel aged beers online Monday, October 21st

The Bruery is doing another stress test online at  To generate the amount of traffic required for a stress test they have put some rare beers up for sale.  The sale will take place on Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Beer List:

$2  Flight Coupon Unlimitedº Free!
Papier 24 $99.99
100% donated to the Greg Koch Movember Campaign
Partridge in a Pear Tree 24 $99.99
100% Donated to
Ales for ALS
2 Turtle Doves 60 $14.99
3 French Hens 60 $14.99
Coton 120 $24.99
Cuir 120 $24.99
Rueuze 2012 240 $19.99
Smoking Wood 2011 240 $19.99
Chocolate Rain 2013* 120 $39.99
Grey Monday 2012* 36 $39.99
Black Tuesday 2011* 24 $29.99


º = The Tasting Room Flight Coupon will only be available between 10am and 10:30am PDT

.  No other purchase is necessary, but you must go through the purchase process with this item in your cart to be able to redeem it.

* = These beers are available exclusively to our current, 2013 Reserve and Hoarders Society members.



Full Email:

Friends of The Bruery!

We’ve been working hard to better your experience when making purchases through our eCommerce site, and we want to test our changes with a killer sale!

With the excitement of Black Tuesday coming up on the 29th, we wanted to make sure everything was in place to handle the expected traffic.  As a test of our website’s ability to handle all of you craft beer lovers, we’re putting on a huge sale this comingMonday at 10am that we are dubbing our “Stress Test Part Deux”.

The point of this sale, besides releasing some fun beers and raising money for a couple of great causes, is to really stress out our servers.  We want lots of you online at the same time so that we can see how it reacts.

We’ve reached way back into our archives and pulled out some incredible beers, in limited quantities for you to purchase.

We really want to get as many people as possible to log in and make a purchase at the same time, so we’ll also be ‘selling’ a coupon for a special, $2 flight of beer at our Tasting Room. That coupon will only be on sale for 30 minutes, so you’ll have to log in right at 10am to get one for yourself.

All of the items below will be available at 10am on Monday, October 21st


The Bruery

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