Half Acre Beer – Double Daisy Cutter returns Sept 27th

Double Daisy Cutter Release Details

  • Release Date: Friday, September 27th
  • 8% ABV
  • $9.99 per 22 oz. bomber bottle (limit 4)
  • 64 oz. growler: $20 *
  • 32 oz. growler: $11 *
  • 13 oz. draft: $5

*Limited to 64 ounces of growler beer total per person.


In our seasonal approach to spilling out generous servings of Double Daisy Cutter, we arrive at another ration. The double headed donkey grazes through the months and appears every so often to water the troops and sooth the transitions. The fictitious Double Pale Ale is a style both big and small. Small enough to sit down and rest a while, but big enough that any real time spent could get the best of you. Brewing Double Daisy Cutter is a process of finding all the vunerable moments to push hops into its core, while making the core strong enough to hold up to the incessant torment. As brewers, we all have opportunity to add and add. The bigger quest is to stoke the additions into a reward that you, the fearless traveler, soak up into your veins with every snort. So let us strip this donkey naked and have him saunter into your wildest of taste experiences.

8% ABV riddled with four succulent hop varieties & four stiff barley varieties. We ring these materials out, start a yeast fight, detonate additional hops into the skirmish, squelch the heat, ice it down, push the gas in and pack it all into canisters of convenience.

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