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AleSmith Brewing’s “Library Sale” selling off vintage bottles for the next 6 weeks

“AleSmith is thrilled to announce the start of the AleSmith Library Sale. We’ll be selling a limited number of vintage bottles out of the tasting room starting at noon on Monday, September 9th (every Monday through Thursday for the next 6 weeks). The sale will start each day at noon when we open and last until the bottles are gone. These are all small quantities of bottles so do not delay! We will not announce the beer ahead of time and they will all be previously released bottles. Some of the examples of bottles you might see on sale are Barrel Aged Speedway 2012, Barrel Aged Kopi Luwak Speedway Stout and Barrel Aged Decadence 2011. If you missed out on a Reserve Series sale, this might be your opportunity to get that elusive bottle you’ve been looking for.”

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