The Bruery stops White Chocolate sales to determine possible infection

Word has been buzzing around the internet for the past week with concerns to some White Chocolate bottles being infected.  The Bruery say’s the have tested and found no infected bottles thus far.  Patrick also posted on the beer advocate forums stating they will stop selling bottles while they further investigate the issue.

DrinkingCraft contacted The Bruery via email Aug 30th:

“We have done extensive testing on WC and have no indication of infection in any of our bottles. We are continuing to monitor this and if anything is discovered we will send out a notice to our customers about it.”

We’ve stopped selling bottled White Chocolate on and our Tasting Room until we have a better idea about what’s going on. We haven’t yet experienced a sour bottle of this, but we don’t want to continue selling until we know the beer is up to our quality standards. It’ll take awhile to sort this all out, so it’ll probably be mid-September before we’re able to put bottles back up for sale.

The Bruery


The Bruery recently pulled Ebony & Oak from sales and distribution, giving all those that purchased bottle(s) a full refund.

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