Hydrating Beer: Researchers add electrolytes without effecting taste

Researchers at the Griffith Health Institute (GHI) claim they have found a way to add electrolytes to beer with effecting the beer’s taste.  The researchers added the electrolytes to one regular beer and one light beer.  No word was given on who the manufacturer they used for the study.  We are guessing it’s not a craft brewery.  :)

The doctors stated:

“We basically manipulated the electrolyte levels of two commercial beers, one regular strength and one light beer and gave it to research subjects who’d just lost a significant amount of sweat by exercising. We then used several measures to monitor the participant’s fluid recovery to the different beers.”

“Of the four different beers the subjects consumed, our augmented light beer was by far the most well retained by the body, meaning it was the most effective at rehydrating the subjects.”

The topic of drinking beer after working out or strenuous exercise was also discussed.

The doctors reply:

“This is definitely not a good idea, but what we’ve found is that many people who sweat a lot, especially tradesmen, knock off work and have a beer; it’s pretty normal. But alcohol in a dehydrated body can have all sorts of repercussions, including decreased awareness of risk.”

While we don’t think this is going to make it into the craft beer scene at any time really.  We do suspect the likes of Miller Coors or Anheuser Busch could run with it to try and take back their falling market share from craft breweries.

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