Russian River Exits Washington Beer Market

Co-owners of Russian River Brewing Co, Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo, have made the decision to stop distribution in the of Washington.  Ultimately this decision came from not being able to produce enough beer.  RRBC makes most of their sales in it’s brewpub and was not able to supply the brewpub with enough beer and continue all of it’s distribution channels.  RRBC does and will continue to distribute beer to other states.

Washington State liquor laws are the blame here.  According to the letter below, “This is the only market where, due to state liquor laws, we have little or no control over the managing of our own brand.”

If you are in the Washington area, your last shipment of RRBC beers has been received!  Go stock up on whatever is left so you can savor that last taste of Pliny!

Attached is the letter from RRBC to the State of Washington.

Russian River Brewing Co exits state of Washington

Russian River Brewing Co exits state of Washington

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